Rick Hoffmann


Rick Hoffmann Services is a General Contracting Firm where you are our highest priority. My team and I understand letting people into your home is unsettling so we are respectful and considerate of your family and house.  During my 30 years of construction I have retrofitted and remodeled hundreds of homes. The Earthquake Bolt and Brace program offers grants for Seismic Bracing. I worked on the pilot program which helped them develop the program we have today.  

I look forward to working for you on your next project.



My father was a model maker all his entire life. He ran his own model making business from 1970-1990. I spent most of my youth in a shop making models that were used for testing by the Navy to actual full scale oil refinery build out to determine if all of the hand drawn plans were correct. As a model maker he would actually build the entire complex including hills, bays, tanks, pipes, oil tankers, buildings right down to power lines telephone poles and parking lots.

That experience taught me to take an intellectual approach to building before any of the physical work begins. Most traditional carpenters including my own son are taught by general labor first then comes the intellectual approach. This brings me back to my current day where I like to approach things with as much of an understanding as I can.

From New Construction to Seismic Retrofitting on an older home there is several steps that make up the entire project. And an understanding of each component and its function will ensure a quality product when all is complete.

I started working in my dad’s shop when I was eight then at age twelve I was able to caddy at the Orinda Country Club where I worked in the Pro Shop for a couple of years. I loved that job because I was able to work outside and spend time with some wonderful people young and old alike.


Later since I had to pay for my own car and spending money I worked in the cafeteria at Montgomery Ward and worked for friend doing Maintenance on Condominium and Apartment buildings on weekends. After high school during college I took up a chef positon so I could go to school during the day and work at night. Later I started working for a Contractor building apartments, houses, seismic retrofitting and several different types of construction. I moved my way up to foreman then lead estimator and after working for him about 15 years I started my own company and we still work cooperatively on different projects.


My wife and I have been married for 21 years and dating for 25 years. We have three kids together and they were all born within three years of each other. Family is very important to us. My mother and my wife’s father both have lived with us for over 13 years. We love having everyone under the same roof so the kids and grandparents can learn and grow from the different generations and they are night and day. With two kids in college we try to eat dinner together as much as possible and do family outings like camping and Sunday dinners. We are probably a little old fashioned in we like to meet our kids friends and know where they are yet we try to keep them fully engaged so they are self-reliant and responsible for their own actions and successes.