The entire Rick Hoffmann Services family.

The entire Rick Hoffmann Services family.


We are a general contracting firm that understands that a lot of businesses have moved to a self-service environment whether it be at the grocery store the gas station or even our local cities. At RHS we respect your time and understand you are coming to us for advice, work or clarity on exactly what your house or project would require.

One of our strengths is we know what we are good at but also understand our weaknesses so it keeps us at the forefront of new products and procedures through education and relationships we have developed with our long term suppliers and contractors.  

Green Building Practices have become important for many reasons and one of the largest components of that is waste diversion. If we keep cluttering our landfills with trash in a short period of time our environment will have irreversible damage. So we developed a multi box hauling system so debris can get separated in our construction yard daily. Allowing us to recycle more than 70% of our generated waste.

We look forward to using our expertise serving you.